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A music meme, stolen from [personal profile] musesfool to prove that I can maybe post again?

Type these words into the search bar on your iTunes and list the first song that appears in the results.

happy: Get Happy—Erin McKeown
love: Naked Love—Adam Lambert
hate: Miss Chatelaine—k.d. lang
light: Blue Light Of The Flame—Dar Williams
dark: Dance In The Dark—Lady Gaga
good: Everything Is Good For You—Crowded House
bad: Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing —Chris Isaak
smile: God Put A Smile—Coldplay
cry: Boys Don't Cry—The Cure
girl: Barbie Girl—Aqua
boy: Ascension/Nature Boy—Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
sad: Sad Songs—Matt Nathanson
lost: Heresy of the Lost—S.J. Tucker
night: Beautiful Night—Lynn Miles
day: Again Today/Hiding My Heart—Brandi Carlile
wolf: March of the Wolfmasters—Janelle Monáe
robot: Army of Robots—Glen Raphael
dance: Dance Anthem Of The 80's—Regina Spektor
time: All This Time—Martyn Joseph
life: Beautiful Life—Ace Of Base
death: Death And All His Friends—Coldplay
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portrait meme

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Just take a picture. Post that picture with no editing. (Except maybe to get the image size down to something reasonable. Don’t go posting an eight megapixel image.) Include these instructions. Spread madness and horror across the Internet ...
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A friend of mine put together a new research study and asked friends to post the details. Here's what she says:

I've put together a new research study and I've been curious for a while about the potential of online meme-spreading for subject recruitment. So, killing two birds with one stone, I'm posting the study here, in hopes that you all will pass it along.

The details:

# The study URL is:
# It takes about 15 minutes. You listen to 8 short clips and answer questions about how the people sound. It is easily as fun as a quiz.
# For participating, instead of finding out what muppet tarot card you are, you can choose between being entered into a drawing with a 1 in 10 chance at a $30 iTunes gift certificate, or having $5 donated to Doctors without Borders.

it's fun! go do it!
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Album cover meme )

Wikipedia dates meme )
confidential to [ profile] twoweevils: ok, so two of the events were the same. but they were the most interesting!
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my apartment was broken into sometime between 8:30 am, when I left the house, and late afternoon, when a neighbor saw my door was a little ajar.

they broke in through the bedroom window, tossed my underwear and lingerie drawers and cruft baskets (taking, i think, a pearl and platinum ring, and some silver dollars), didn't take anything from the second bedroom, took 48 DVDs (including 15 TV box sets) from the living room, emptied a duffel bag, put the DVDs in the bag, and walked out the front door, leaving it unlocked and the lights on, which is the state my apartment was in when i got home at 8 pm.

things they didn't take: my laptop, my ipod, any CDs, any home electronics, Buffy other than season 1, Homicide:LOTS, The Corner, Due South, Futurama other than S1, any gay-themed DVDs

odd and disturbing and yucky.

at least i'm living somewhere where i have local support!

another good thing: the cats didn't get out, or if they did jump out through the window, they came back in. good cats.

i think i might file a claim, since with that many DVDs, esp. the B5 box sets, i'm probably well over my $500 deductible.


ETA: found the ring. either they didn't like it, or it's been a cat toy recently.
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[ profile] funkyreunion needs to go see hr loan manager at her bank
[ profile] funkyreunion needs more practice in argument
[ profile] funkyreunion needs YOUR Help with Outfits!!!
[ profile] funkyreunion needs to find herself
[ profile] funkyreunion needs a volunteer
[ profile] funkyreunion needs a break
[ profile] funkyreunion needs help
[ profile] funkyreunion needs a loving home
[ profile] funkyreunion needs his protection
[ profile] funkyreunion needs a cool head and steady trigger finger
[ profile] funkyreunion needs to get the exact budget numbers

[ profile] funkyreunion wants a Chow
[ profile] funkyreunion wants a new toy
[ profile] funkyreunion wants nothing to do with false idols
[ profile] funkyreunion wants to remain in Suriname
[ profile] funkyreunion wants a tractor
[ profile] funkyreunion wants a live-out job
[ profile] funkyreunion wants a life where she can take photography and be herself
[ profile] funkyreunion wants to make up with you
[ profile] funkyreunion wants to warn him of the curse
[ profile] funkyreunion wants "fuzzy stuff" to start a fire with
[ profile] funkyreunion wants to leave town and live somewhere normal
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of the good:

i will be moving to columbus ohio in august. only one year, same postdoc, but thank god i'll be out of utah.

i have a ticket for the serenity preview in salt lake city.

wiscon was fabulous, and the panel i proposed (women on 'sci-fi friday') went well. and i already have my membership for next year.

new SG-1 and SG-A soonishly! the 4400! and it's been a remarkably good TV year. i'm just sad [ profile] ekiedro wasn't here to talk to about everything.

of the bad:

girls who only kiss and cuddle when drunk.

moving. argh. having to pay for the move, even more argh. time to get rid of some furniture.

this damned neverending manuscript revision.

running up to 9 participants per day. including very uncooperative 3-year-olds.

it's nice my parents are flying in to visit this weekend, but that means i'll most likely miss pride in salt lake on sunday.
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1. On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty-five songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing).
2. Write down one (or two) line(s) of the song. Try to avoid lines that include the title.
3. Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.
4. When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it.
OK, so I did do a bit of skipping around, or else it would have been from only one or two artists )
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If there is at least one person in your life who you consider a close friend, and who you would not have met without being part of an online fandom, post this sentence in your journal.

man, I really miss [ profile] ekiedro. all these things, every day, shows and movies and books, and my hands want to start typing to her about them. sigh.
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I am flower named funkyreunion !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?
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Clearly, my real name is just not popular for Mary Sues, since I only found one in LOTR and one in HP (and one in POTC, but that's not part of the meme):

LOTR: Joanna wakes up on a Christmas morning to find a strange gift under her tree. When she finds out what's inside her life is changed forever! (or just for that day). Please R&R! Thank you! ^_^

HP: Joanna Potter returns to Hogwarts after twenty years. She had a past with Professors Snape and Lupin. Who will she choose? Rated R for sexual content and adult situations. COMPLETE!

Enh. I guess the Harry Potter one is appropriately Sue-ish...
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for she has created the Puppet Angel Mood Theme, and posted very good instructions for how to install it!

heee. funniest. episode. ever.
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spelling corrections suggested for "funkyreunion", from

1. functioning
2. functionary
3. Franconian
4. fornication
5. Finno-Ugrian
6. functionaries
7. fornications
8. functionally
9. fornicating
10. Finno-Ugrians

I particularly like "fornication"...
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but clearly don't manage to very often.

ROTK--must see again. twice was not enough. mostly pleased. very impatient for the EE, though.

Looks like my boss got a counteroffer, so I'll be stuck in Utah til 2005. Argh. I was really looking forward to moving somewhere else.

I've been learning to spin, which is quite fun and also addicting. I'm looking forward to knitting something from yarn I've spun myself.

I wish there were more fannish people here. I miss fannish company.
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which of these outfits would you wear to an afternoon wedding this coming sunday?

(black linen w/turquoise linen shirtdress, burgundy lace, or dark copper flowy dress)