Nov. 4th, 2003 02:23 pm
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Wow, I have been extremely lazy-assed about posting.

I don't have to move, yay! They found someone to buy the condo, who wants to keep me as the tenant. They're even willing to fix the stuff I've been complaining about since I rented the place.

I saw Eddie Izzard in Toronto on Saturday, and he was just amazing.

It snowed 8" last Thursday, and it hasn't melted yet. This is a bit disconcerting.

I've been seeing people freaking out over some ROTK spoiler, and I just refuse to look. Not that I'm being spoiler-free per se, but it sounds like something I just don't want to know about.

And now for a meme... )
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I got a call tonight from the real estate agent.

Apparently the owner of this condo is about to default on his loan, and the condo will be repossessed by the bank.

Which means I have to move by the end of October.


The fact that they're not making me pay rent for October does not make up for (a) having to find a pet-friendly apartment and (b) move. I've been here less than a month! And I was just nicely settling in, too. Even bought a washer and dryer last week.

I wonder if I have any legal recourse...


Aug. 21st, 2003 02:09 pm
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My LiveJournal Sitcom
Living pantss (TNN, 10:30): funkyreunion (Mary Tyler Moore) and lotr_porn (Jamie Lee Curtis) kiss at an empty warehouse. Soon afterwards, shaenie (Billy Bob Thornton) and sybylla_melvyn (Emma Thompson) go waterskiing. In the next town over, musesfool (Alan Cumming) plays chess against lotrips_recs (Debra Messing), who doesn't know how. Afterwards, mauralabingi (Lori Loughlin) unknowingly gets high before a meeting with juweldom (Halle Berry). Also, dombillijah (Jill Hennessy) trades apples with badgermonkey (Peter MacNicol). Craziness ensues.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)


Aug. 17th, 2003 10:24 am
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Well, arrived yesterday afternoon, but I didn't have enough time online at the Kinko's yesterday to post. :)

The drive was...long. Not bad, but very tiring. Packing the car was a nightmare--I think I ended up taking ten trips up and down the stairs (from the third floor). I was entirely correct in my mental topography of the trunk, but not so much the back seat, though I did get stuff to fit without blocking my rear view mirror. Eventually. I ended up leaving closer to 9:30 am, but given Chicago traffic, I probably made the same time I'd've made if I'd succeeded in leaving at 8 am. I spent the first night in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the second in Laramie, Wyoming.

Amusing sights on the road: a highway exit for Elwood, Nebraska. The "Kum and Go" convenience store chain.

I'm looking forward to the cable modem getting hooked up tomorrow!
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The movers came and removed my stuff this morning.

I'd pack the car tonight, except for the little problem of street parking, so I guess I'll be up early to get on the road by 8.

Last night, I took a naplet from 8:30-9, and slept from midnight til 3 (I was going to sleep til 4:30, but I woke up at 3). I've pretty much been constantly packing, and constantly on my feet, since about noon yesterday. My feet are decidedly not happy.

I had a good time in Barcelona, despite the rash (which is nearly gone) and resulting ER visit. It was an excellent conference, and I had some time to be touristy. I think my favorite was the Museu de l'Eròtica.

Tomorrow, I plan on spending the night in approximately Omaha. I haven't figured out where I'm stopping the second night yet. I probably won't be online, sheesh, til the 18th when my cable is hooked up, unless I can get access at the public library or something. So I'll have frightening amounts of catching up to do.
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My flight left six hours late because of Friday´s storms.

I did have enough time for a quick shower (totally worth 3 pounds) at Heathrow before catching the flight to Barcelona.

I do have to say, BA feeds you quite well. I slept instead of eating dinner Friday, but the ¨snack¨on yesterday´s flight was lovely--cheese and tomato chutney sandwich, chocolate and profiterole pot, mini poppadams with lemon mint yogurt dip.

Somehow I managed to miss passport control at the Barcelona airport, and then spent an incredibly frustrating half hour or so going between terminals, to the police station, and finally being told that it shouldn´t be a problem. I certainly hope so! Then I tripped and fell while going to the airport train, and I´m sporting some impressive bruises on my right knee and arm. Sigh.

I decided to be clever and walk to the residence from Sants, which turned out to be about twice as far as I´d thought, but I made it OK. They didn´t have a room with AC for me last night, but I should be able to switch to one in about an hour. It´s going to be totally worth the extra 4.05 Euros per night--the night time temps aren´t dropping below the mid-70s. So last night I collapsed into bed around 9 pm, and slept off and on til 8 this morning, which will hopefully take care of jet lag.

The net kiosk is free, yay.

Off to switch rooms, then register for the conference...
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where I'll probably find net cafes and keep at least kind of caught up. We'll see.

If not, see y'all on the 10th...
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I got my final revisions approved last week, and filed my dissertation today.

*dance of joy*

*returns to packing*
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And somewhat triumphant, in that I have an apartment, and a bank account. I arrived on Wednesday and left on Friday.

Here are some pictures of the apartments I looked at, and the apartment I rented. I'm quite pleased, even with having to pay double rent for a month and a half. It's about a five minute drive to campus, and bikeable if I develop hill skills.

Logan is very pretty, and very...hmmm. I've lived in a big city for a long time, I realized. I can tell there'll be culture shock. I'm hoping with choir stuff and crafty stuff and the synagogue in Ogden, I'll be able to find amenable people to hang out with.

These are pictures of the dams leading to the Logan Valley, on the east side of the city just past campus. Apparently there's a nice graded biking trail, and hiking and all kinds of nature stuff.
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My presentation went well, people said I answered the questions well, no technical problems, and my non-linguist friends said they understood everything.

My committee accepted the dissertation, but they want me to do a few revisions. I'll graduate in August, but I'm not quite done. So it's a little anticlimactic.

I can understand the revisions thing, especially considering I wrote the bulk of the dissertation in less than two weeks.

I guess I can't quite call myself dr. funky just yet. But soon.
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Buffy season 4/Angel season 1, ep. 14-22
Homicide: Life on the Street, seasons 1 & 2, also 2nd half season 1 uncut (from the CourtTV premiere marathon)
Sopranos, season 1, most of season 2
Babylon 5, seasons 1 & 2, In the Beginning, Reedited pilot (taped off TNT); season 2 (taped off original broadcast)
X-Files, most of season 1, all of season 2, first third of season 3

These are all things I videotaped that I've either replaced on DVD, or don't want anymore. I hate to throw them out. Mostly they're taped at SLP, except for the B5 movies.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] kaydeefalls!
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Finished, formatted, being burned to CD, ready to print and get copied tomorrow.

Wow. What a long journey.

*off to sleep the sleep of the dissertated!*
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current page count: 175 (which does include two big-ass figure appendices)
to do today: starts & ends of chapters. introduction. conclusions. abstract.
to do tomorrow: final formatting. printing. anything that doesn't get done today.
wednesday: distribute. destress.
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because [ profile] rosenho is the best!
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but for the next few weeks, I won't be around at all.

I have a defense date for my dissertation. The 25th. Which means the written thesis has to be turned in on the 11th. Eep.

So, I have lots to do. I'm even contemplating temporarily deleting my LJs so I'm not tempted to keep reloading my friends page...
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to kill the roomie after all, since they didn't get there in time to meet James before the show, and things were too chaotic afterwards. Her review of the concert: He shouldn't quit his day job.

I'm off to WisCon for the weekend, where I'll be on the HoYay! panel and the Buffy panel. Should be much fun.
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My roommate is friends with someone who was friends with James Marsters (Spike, on BTVS) back in his Chicago theater days.

James is coming to town for a con this weekend, and also playing a couple of shows with his band.

My roommate is going Friday, and, what with the mutual friend, she may well get to hang out with James Marsters. In person.