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my apartment was broken into sometime between 8:30 am, when I left the house, and late afternoon, when a neighbor saw my door was a little ajar.

they broke in through the bedroom window, tossed my underwear and lingerie drawers and cruft baskets (taking, i think, a pearl and platinum ring, and some silver dollars), didn't take anything from the second bedroom, took 48 DVDs (including 15 TV box sets) from the living room, emptied a duffel bag, put the DVDs in the bag, and walked out the front door, leaving it unlocked and the lights on, which is the state my apartment was in when i got home at 8 pm.

things they didn't take: my laptop, my ipod, any CDs, any home electronics, Buffy other than season 1, Homicide:LOTS, The Corner, Due South, Futurama other than S1, any gay-themed DVDs

odd and disturbing and yucky.

at least i'm living somewhere where i have local support!

another good thing: the cats didn't get out, or if they did jump out through the window, they came back in. good cats.

i think i might file a claim, since with that many DVDs, esp. the B5 box sets, i'm probably well over my $500 deductible.


ETA: found the ring. either they didn't like it, or it's been a cat toy recently.

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Date: 2005-12-16 01:21 pm (UTC)
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Oh, hon! That SUCKS! I hope the burglar's friends and family wonder why they're getting used DVDs for Christmas.

I'm glad the cats are safe! *hugs*


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Date: 2005-12-16 06:21 pm (UTC)
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That REALLY sucks. Hope the locksmith has already been there by now and you're feeling a bit safer.




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